Google Doodle September 7 on Google Homepage Today: What Does It Tell?

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Google Logo September 7 2010 on Google Homepage Today: What Does This Google Doodle Mean? – For some they have seen a Google Logo which seems to be some kind of balls.  The balls disintegrates and then re-arranges to form the Google logo.  However, some saw only the normal Google Logo,  so what is the Google Doodle for September 7, 2010?

The new Google Doodle had been seen by some of our readers and even contributors.  We are not sure however what it is because not everyone has the chance to see the Google Doodle.

The said Google Doodle is said to allow you to chase after DHTML balls which regroups to write the word Google. Google had celebrated it’s anniversary last September 4, 2010 and Google was first publicly launched on September 7.

Some observers say that the Google Logo for September 7 might be symbolizing a celebration or an upcoming big event from the number one search engine in the planet.

In any case those who have seen it definitely had a fun way to kill time and play with the small balls. Interactive Google Doodle like this adds fun in browsing Google and makes people stay on Google’s main page for a longer period of time.

Have you seen the Google Logo for September 7 2010? Share us what you saw and how you reacted.