Google Android Phone vs. Apple iPhone

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The talk of the town is here. It’s Google Android Phones vs. Apple Iphone on the latest comparison of smart phones. It’s been a while since we last saw Google’s Nexus One phone released. It was anticipated by a lot of people to be a tight competitor of Apple iPhone.

In a head to head combat, each smart phone has both its advantage over each other. Apple iPhone has a better memory capacity than Google Android Phones. Google’s Android Phone presents itself with just 192MB of internal memory capacity in contrast with Apple iPhone’s probably maximum memory upgrade of up to 32 GB.

However, Google’s Android Phone has some built in features that Apple iPhone don’t have. For one, there is an offline integration with Google Apps. Not only that, it has also a built in compass and GPS which can determine which way you’re facing and give you Google Maps StreetView images.

With the latest battle between operating systems of both Apple iPhone and Android Operating Systems, it seems that the market share of Google’s Android Smart Phones are now climbing over Apple iPhone.