George Michael Getting No Special Treatment in Jail

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Former Wham! frontman George Michael, who is serving an eight-week prison sentence for crashing his car into a north London branch of Snappy Snaps while high on cannabis, has revealed that he is getting “no special treatment of any kind” in jail.

He said he wanted to reassure family, friends and fans that he was being “treated with kindness”.

In a statement, Michael said he wanted to correct media coverage about his time in Highpoint Prison in Suffolk, saying, “Much as I would prefer to rise above the usual rubbish that I’m reading day after day about my time here in prison, I think it’s only fair to my fans, family and friends to respond in some way even though I will be home soon.”

“So please believe me when I tell you that in the last three weeks, there have been no tears, no anxiety, no bullying – in fact, not so much as a sleepless night for me.”

He added that he was spending most of his time behind bars reading “thousands of letters and post cards of incredible support from people around the world”.

He insisted that he was treated like a normal prisoner by fellow inmates and prison staff “unless, of course, some of the guys here are letting me win at the pool table”.