Facebook Planning to Add “Place” Feature

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The world’s famous social networking site, Facebook has been planning to add Place feature. This is often confused with its Location. What’s the difference then? Marshall Kirkpatrick has the answer. “The difference between location and Place is a significant one. Substantial resources are dedicated by location-aware social networks to determine what ‘place’ your location refers to”, he explained.

This allows a user to include the place you are locations in addition to status messages. It has been the trend on social networking sites nowadays along with web links. If this feature would be added there would be added policies to the privacy section. The site says it is announcing the changes for review before they go into effect so users will have time to read them and post comments.

If this feature would take effect, it would be an added advantage to Fan pages of restaurants and tourist destinations that could somehow increase revenues.

All these things would be made clear as Facebook will have its annual f8 conference for its developers this coming April 21 in San Francisco, California.