F1 Malaysia – Sepang Grand Prix 2010 Qualifying Top 10 and Pole Position Grid

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F1 just got more interesting.  We always love it when it rains in the circuit as this puts drama and challenge to our drivers and teams.  Today’s qualifying for Malaysia – Sepang Track is no exception.  It was a wet race for the pole position in the Grid.

Schumacher fans were a bit dissapointed as they were expecting him to improve.  Though his performance was not bad, still, he’s put on a pressure spot to make it to the top more.  Although this is the case for him, his other team mate, Nico Rosberg however got the second spot on the grid.

Red Bull – Renault team made a very well job as Mark Webber placed first and Sebastian Vettel second on the grid.  For a view of the grid and the top 10 pole position, click here.