Excessive Oil Dispersants Said to Have Been Used by BP in the Gulf Spill

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If you were the Coast Guard which would you pick as the lesser of two evils, having oil gushing from a broken oil well or using excessive oil dispersants to break down the massive amounts of oil that have already caused unimaginable damage to the marine life in the Gulf of Mexico?

It has not been more than a two weeks when BP was finally to able to do something to contain the oil that has been spilling in the Gulf. Now they are facing a whole new controversy – albeit still related to that oil spill.

This time, even the Coast Guard is being “implicated” for approving more than 74 exemptions to BP for the use of oil dispersants. According to reports, in one instance Coast Guard officials even allowed the oil giant to use a larger volume of dispersants than it had applied for.

The new documents released by a congressional subcommittee is bringing into question the validity of the total amount of dispersants used in the Gulf which BP says is 1.8 million gallons.