Ex-Toyota Lawyer Walked Away with Damaging Documents Against Toyota

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Toyota’s Ex-Lawyer, Dimitrios Biller resigned from his former company, Toyota, carrying with him not just potentially damaging documents but really damaging documents. He quit from his job with Toyota because of what he alleges were “criminal acts” by Toyota. He walked out with something potentially more valuable than his nearly $4 million severance package. With him are 6,000 internal documents, including memos and e-mails which could damage his former employer.

“There is a regular pattern and practice of not producing memos, minutes, reports, and e-mails,” Biller said. “These documents can be used to establish liability against Toyota in product liability and negligence cases.”

There has been a so called “Book of Knowledge” which has been kept which contains highly confidential information on design, safety systems and testing records allegedly generated by Toyota engineers on everything from roll-overs and roof safety to sudden unintended acceleration.

The chairman of a U.S. House committee investigating Toyota seems to agree with Biller, saying Toyota engaged in a “systematic disregard for the law and routine violation of court discovery orders in litigation.”

Toyota answered all of these by saying, “We are confident that we have acted appropriately with respect to all product liability litigation.”