ESPN Peephole Stalker of Erin Andrews Gets 2 1/2 Years Sentence

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Later part of last year, nude pictures of ESPN Sportscaster Erin Andrews flooded the internet world creating great scandals. A video taken from a peephole in a hotel room with Andrews naked. The video was taken by Michael David Barrett. The 49 years old man pleaded guilty of the accusations.

The voyeur didn’t do this one for the first time because he also shot a video of a 16 years old. He was out because of bail and eventually gave him 2 years and a half in prison to be serve his punishment. “I would have liked longer time, but I know that the judge obviously did the best he could with the parameters that are set,” Andrews told reporters outside the courthouse after the sentencing. “But I’m glad he’ll be away from anyone that he could harm for the next 30 months.”