Egyptian Baby Named Facebook

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Facebook has been a big part of the success of the longed freedom in Egypt. Their protests against their now former President Hosni Mubarak has been successful with the help of the world’s most famous social networking site. There is not doubt that a parent who just had their first born will name their baby after it. It may sound funny but yes, an Egyptian at about 20 years old named Jamal Ibrahim just named his first born daughter “Facebook”.

There has been an approximately 5 million Egyptian Facebook users. In just a matter of two weeks, Egyptian Facebook users increased in number with 32,000 Facebook groups and 14,000 pages after the revolution ignited on January 25th. Through Facebook, protesters were able to gather around virtually, share their sentiments, update the whole country by sharing pictures and videos.

A well known Egyptian paper Al-Ahram posted this interesting news. Among the other social networking sites, Facebook has become the country’s medium for social freedom. Some pictures are even showing Egyptian graffiti “Thank You Facebook”. The famous Googler Wael Ghonim personally thank Mark Zuckerberg for creating such helpful tool in a CNN interview.

Time will come that these internet words will soon become names of our future children. It is not because they are famous but these words are slowly becoming part of our everyday lives and has contributing that much to the changes in our society.