Dunkin Donuts Treat Update: Free Iced Coffee Day 2010

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Dunkin Donuts Treat: Free Iced Coffee Day 2010: This is good news for all Dunkin Donuts fans out there. In celebration of the 60th anniversary of Dunkin Donuts, they are giving away free iced coffee to their millions of loyal customers to celebrate their success as one of the pioneers in the donut making industry.

Now, if you are asking what are the limitations of these free iced coffee day 2010 promo of Dunkin Donuts, the company said that they will be giving unlimited free iced coffee from 6am to 10pm all day. This would mean an instant savings of $1.98 on your part since that’s the suggested price of their iced coffees.

Hurry, go to the nearest Dunkin Donuts store in your location to avail of this free iced coffee day treat from Dunkin Donuts.