Drew Carey Weight Loss: Stick to No Carbs Diet Plan

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Drew Carey Weight Loss: Stick to No Carbs Diet Plan – A lot of people were surprised and amazed to the new figure of Drew Carey, the host of the game show “The Price is Right”. The first season kicked off this morning with a new game called Pay The Rent and everyone was astonished to the the huge weight loss by Drew Carey.

Late July of this year, Drew Carey told People Magazine that he had lost 80 pounds by sticking to a strict no carbohydrates diet saying “No carbs. I have cheated a couple times, but basically no carbs, not even a cracker. No bread at all. No pizza, nothing. No corn, no beans, no starches of any kind. Egg whites in the morning or like, Greek yogurt, cut some fruit.” See the before and after picture of Drew Carey reflecting his huge weight loss:

With this kind of diet, Drew Carey’s waist line already dropped from a size 44 to a size 33-34 and even got rid of his Type 2 Diabetes. Even though he already lost 80 pounds, he still hopes to drop an additional 10 pounds.