Dog Poop: A Renewable Energy Source, for Real?

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Utilizing what we have in a wiser way could lead us to something worth it. As the famous line goes, “everything has its purpose” no matter how small or big it is. It also includes waste products such the awful pet poop, specifically dog poop. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, a dog park hasn’t been considering these dog poop a waste at all. In fact, in has turned out to be a very useful.

An artist named Matt Mazzotta has conceptualized Park Spark Project. The project served as a passive digester of the waste, thus no electricity would be needed. It’s an oxygen deprived environment where microbes can convert the waste into methane, which will then be used for energy. Dog owners collect the wastes of their pets and placed it in a biodegradable bags and deposited it into the project.

The energy generated has powered the street lamp as of the moment. Mazzotta believes that if he scaled up the project, he could run lights for 24 hours each day. He was able to generate a free energy source which could somehow lead to more awesome inventions and functions in the community. Mazzotta believes it can be used for various projects. “I’m trying to collect ideas,” he says, “so we can either turn it into a popcorn machine, or, something the community actually would want, and participate in.”