Daylight Savings Time 2010 Prompts Time Change in Spring 2010

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A lot of people in various countries are confused on what will be the standard time in their clocks since Daylight Savings Time has just recently been incorporated.

The idea behind Daylight Savings Time is to conserve energy since upon its implementation, we literally lose one hour during the night. Losing one hour at night can save us energy since we don’t really need much energy in lighting our homes during the day.

So how do you know when will you adjust your clocks to adapt on Daylight Savings Time this year 2010? Accordingly, Daylight Savings Time in the US comes into effect on March 14, 2010 at exactly 2 am in the morning.

In Daylight Savings Time, the so-called “Spring Forward” prompts you to adjust your clocks one hour ahead of the time to lessen the day time of a day. So when your clock strikes at 2am on March 14, 2010, adjust it and make it 3am.

In addition, you need to revert it back to the standard time on November 7, 2010 at the same time at 2am in the morning. Dubbed as the “Fall Back”, clocks will be adjusted one hour more to gain an extra hour. So when your clock striked at 2am on November 7, 2010, adjust it and make it 1am.

I hope you clearly understood how to adjust your clocks in Daylight Savings Time 2010 so as to avoid confusion in your scheduled meetings and conference calls most especially if you are professional which have company or business meetings.