Dancing With the Stars 2010 Voting: Who Got Kicked Off and Went Home in Dancing With The Stars Tonight?

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America’s favorite dance show Dancing With The Stars 2010 had another voting last night to eliminate another contestant from the dance show.

Accordingly, from the list of dancing partners, Shannen Doherty and her injured partner Mark Ballas were kicked off and sent home in the Dancing With The Stars 2010 voting held tonight.

While Doherty and Ballas were able to successfully completed two series of the show, it looked like their fans were too few to support them against elimination. In her farewell speech to the show, Doherty said that she was more used in acting than in dancing and that she had just joined the dancing show upon the request of her dad.

Well, apparently one of the obvious reasons why the dancing couple were kicked off and  sent home is because of the injuries suffered by Doherty’s dancing partner. Mark Ballas injured his leg at dress rehearsal. After an MRI exam has finished, he was told he needed to take six weeks off of dancing.