Dancing with the Stars 2010: Pamela Anderson is Titivating!

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A lot has been searching with this weird word rising up in trends lately. The word is “Titivating”. It sounds awful. It has been commented to the Dancing with the Stars contestant, Pamela Anderson by Len Goodman. “It had a cheeky charm. You’ve been titivating yourself haven’t you?”

A lot has been curious what does that word mean and could therefore conclude it the comment is in the positive or negative side. Well, as i searched for the meaning of the word in the world wide web, it only boils down to one thing. It means “to smarten up”. It’s quite on the positive side though. It entirely means, Goodman has observed that Anderson must have been smartening up herself.

Pamela Anderson, the former Baywatch babe is pairing up with the Australian Damian Whitewood. He once said to all the viewers of the DWTS, “when you see me transform my dancing partners, you’re gonna call me the ‘Wizard of Oz.”