Dairy Queen Now Serves Mini Blizzard Cup

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Dairy Queen’s Associate Vice President of Communications, Dan Peters announced that DQ will be launching a smaller Blizzard cup to everyone. A 7 oz. Blizzard cup has been released as one of the trial mainstay sizes of the Blizzard Treat, which is 5 oz. smaller than their ‘small’ 12 oz. cup. So far, fast food chains like Burger King have attempted to launch their own mini portion of food selection. Only time will tell if the smallest Blizzard cup will stay.

DQ said that the reason for launching a smaller Blizzard size was to cater to the wants of the customers. The customers have been requesting for a smaller size as the biggest trends in fast food is also serving products in smaller portions. The presence of the new 7 oz. Blizzard Treat cup isn’t only for kids. Other possible reason is that people nowadays are more watchful of their diet and have been becoming frugal during the times of crisis.