Correct Current Time in New York and All Over the World

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At initial look, people will get curious that the word ‘time’ has been trending on the internet.  The initial reaction would be:

Why are they talking about time?

Why is time trending?

Did our time change (how the world revolves)?

Did our Earth’s Axis change again?

People can’t help but be concerned and sensitive these days about what’s happening in the world today.  You can’t blame them for being freaked out every time they hear news about another earthquake that shifted the earth’s axis – yet again!

But, people should not panic because the world is just updating its Daylight Savings time and people would want to know and be updated about the correct time on different countries.  There are many websites that tell the current time as of now and they can be Googled online.  Try to check other sites as well to check for consistency.