Connecticut vs. Stanford Score on NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship 2010

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Although less exciting compared to the Men’s Division, the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship 2010 was also a great game. Connecticut vs. Stanford scores of 53-47 in favor of Connecticut were not really that far.

During the first round of the basketball game, Stanford took the lead against Connecticut in a score of 20-12. The two basketball teams had a tie score by 13:35 on the clock. However, it was broken by Stanford with their basketball player Jeanette Pohlen making two point jumper which was assisted by Kayla Pedersen.

By 11:45 in the clock, Stanford really got their advance against Connecticut having a score of 12-5 before a 20-second time-out for Connecticut. 3:59 remaining on the clock and Connecticut at last scored against Stanford. However, it was not sustained until the very last minute of the first round giving Stanford a huge lead against the Connecticut with scores of 20-12.

During the second round, Connecticut took revenged against Stanford advancing the scores to 20-17. Connecticut basketball players Kalana Greene and Maya Moore were the best players in this round. They both advanced Connecticut’s score to a slight lead against Stanford ending with scores of 22-25 before the first 20-second timeout was called for Stanford.

Connecticut made a huge lead against Stanford during the next two 20-second timeouts called for Stanford which led the team to scores of 34-47. That lead continued up to the very last minute of the second round closing the season at scores of 53-47 with Connecticut declared as the 2010 NCAA National Championship winner for the Women’s Basketball Tournament Division.

You can find below the updated NCAA Women’s Division Basketball Tournament Bracket with Connecticut as the Champion. Congratulations to Connecticut for winning the Championships game.