Concerns About the Houston Dome Project

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The city of Houston may have just found a technologically advanced solution to harsh weather conditions such as hurricane, cyclone and extreme heat.  They are planning to cover the entire city with a lightweight, durable and environment friendly plastic to protect the city and its citizens from harmful natural calamities.  Though the idea may blow us out of our minds, some people can’t help but feel concerned about the Dome Project.  People are worried that it would feel unnatural to have that wall above their skies.  They are concerned about feeling suffocated inside to huge dome thinking that it might not be the same as having an open sky.

The architects and scientists behind the dome project are making sure that these concerns are addressed well.  The dome has many features that people should not be worried about. People behind the project are experts and they are looking at every angle before they push through with the actual construction of the dome.

The project would need a lot of financial funding and it would cost the city a lot to build its protective sky.  The construction by itself would need more than mobile cranes on the ground.  It would need specially designed helicopters and other aircraft models to construct the dome that should be higher than the highest skyscrapers in Houston.

The dome is designed to look like a honey comb with twelve pentagons set well that will give the dome’s shape.  At the highest point of the dome, the apex, hinged panels are designed to give ventilation and regulate temperatures and humidity.  The dome should be using the same material as the one in Beijing’s National Aquatic Center which was built for the 2008 Olympics.  This durable, lightweight substance is called ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE).

Cities such as Dubai have constructed megastructures that we thought would never push through.  But we must never underestimate the mind and skills of our scientists, architects and engineers as they have built many structures that only existed in our dreams.

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