Compare Obama Bracket 2010 to Your NCAA Men’s Basketball Bracket 2010

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Are you done filling up those NCAA Bracket? Well, if you haven’t done it yet, you are losing your chance to win various prizes at stake offered by some sports sites.

President Obama is one of the college basketball fans who participated in this NCAA basketball craze by filling up his own 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Bracket.

So which basketball teams does Obama Bracket contain? Well, Obama’s March Madness predictions in the “Final Four” of the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament are the basketball teams Kansas, Kentucky, Villanova, and Kansas St.

His National Championship Winner is no other than Kansas. Do you think he gives justice to the other basketball teams he eliminated in his NCAA Bracket 2010? If you can remember, last year’s Obama Bracket has North Carolina as the National Championsip winner and he was able to guess it right? Will he be able to do the same this year?

How about your 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Bracket? Does it have some resemblance to Obama’s Bracket? To find out if there’s really a resemblance, try to download Obama’s official NCAA Men’s Basketball Bracket below: