Comedian Greg Giraldo Rushed to the Hospital after Accidental Overdose

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Comedian and Last Comic Standing judge, Greg Giraldo, was rushed to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, N.J., Saturday, after an apparent accidental drug overdose.

Giraldo, best known for his spots on the Comedy Central roasts and appearances on the Howard Stern Show, reportedly collapsed in his New Jersey hotel room. 

A friend found him unconscious and apparently overdosed on prescription pills. The hospital says that Giraldo is in critical but stable condition and that they are not classifying the incident as a suicide.

Here we go again with the lethal cocktail of prescription pills. After Anna Nicole Smith, Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson, the latest one to fall victim to this deadly drug mix is comedian, Greg Giraldo. Fortunately for Giraldo somebody found him on time and rushed him to the hospital before these supposedly prescribed drugs can claim another victim.