Clash of the Titans Review: A Flop on Most Movie Reviewers

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Clash of the Titans just released the movie and had its premiere.  The trailers have been looking impressive and it tells much promise.  However, the expectations and the actual reaction to the movie of the Movie Critics are not the same – in a bad way mostly.  Clash of the Titans indeed Clashed with the movie goers expectations.

As of today, it just scored a disappointing 36% on Rotten Tomatoes.  Most of the critics say that the movie had all the budget and the special effects but something is just missing.  Also, most of the people who already watched the movie say this line sarcastically “If you’re watching Clash of the Titans, be sure to watch it in glorious 2-D.”

Good movie reviews or not, wouldn’t you be curious on how the movie went? What do you think?