Clamor for Tier 5 Unemployment Benefits Continues

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Unemployment Extension for 99ers: Clamor for Tier 5 Unemployment Benefits Continues – For so long, the United States of America is known as a country of hope. People usually have a tendency to migrate to USA because they believe that they will have a better life. However, because of the economic recession, so many people are left unemployed. While the other half of the unemployed are cheering in the passage of the HR4213 unemployment extension bill, the rest are still in agony as there are no Tier 5 unemployment benefits for them.

So called the 99ers or those that have received 99 weeks of their unemployment benefits in all their available Tiers (Tier 1 to Tier 4), these unemployed individuals will continue to suffer losing their homes, savings, resources, food, and dignity. It’s not that they are couch potatoes in finding a job as what others say, it’s just that there are no jobs available in the market. What are they supposed to do? How are they going to survive?

A 99er emailed us recently to voice out his opinion. We want to publish it here hoping that our politicians, especially the Republicans can hear it and take immediate actions in passing a Tier 5 unemployment extension bill.

“We, the unemployed are not a football to be passed from one politician to another. We are a group of long term faceless citizens who have exhausted all available weeks of unemployment benefits from Tiers 1 to 4. Some of us have been without any income since March and are still unable to find employment up until now because of age discrimination and unavailability of jobs. We are actually spending almost every day trying to find work by sending out resumes and applying for various jobs. However, most of the time we don’t even receive an acknowledgement that our resumes and applications were received.

There are well over four million of us, and that number continues to grow each week as more people join our plight. Lots of us have no health insurance… Many of us have gone through all of our savings, and have had to pay penalties to withdraw our retirement IRA’s in order to try and survive. As a last resort, some are selling their blood to blood banks so they can feed their families. Congress has made our American dream become an American nightmare.

Congress has bailed out the banks, auto manufacturers, AIG and Wall Street in general using billions of funds; they have sent money millions to Haiti, they have spent billions on two wars and no one worried about the deficit. How come now that the Republicans worry too much of the deficit where millions suffer? Now, to help people who elected Washington into office, Congress argues over where the money will come from and forcing us all into poverty. We want to be recognized as the hard working Americans we once were. You have taken away our dignity, our love for our country and the faith we once had for the lawmakers we voted into office.

This country desperately needs this bill to be passed immediately with tier 5 and the previous Cobra Premium Assistance Program. The fact that unemployment is at an all-time high, there is a good possibility that without Government help, there will be a double dip recession. Nobody wants to be unemployed anywhere in this country. In the first place, how can people concentrate on the duty of seeking work  if they worry they won’t have a roof over their head, a phone that may be disconnected, food for their family or their car to get to the interview while dodging the repossession man?

Extending Tier 5 and extending the Cobra Premium Assistance Program would benefit those who, despite their best efforts, have been trying to find employment for over two years now. Yes, that’s right – two years. Flipping burgers at McDonald’s is not a job to keep ones head above water, and if this bill is not passed, we will have half the population serving burgers to the other half….It would be a very sad commentary for all of us! We are all calling for Congress to pass a Tier 5 Unemployment extension Bill for all of us 99ers.”

If you are one of those 99ers, we encourage you to keep sending emails, letters, and phone calls to your state Senators to push them to pass a Tier 5 unemployment extension bill. Continue signing the Petition for Tier 5 unemployment extension bill.