Check Out the Latest Updates to Norton 360 2013

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Updates have been made to the entire line of Norton products, including Norton 360. The latest version of this popular computer protection software now comes equipped with more benefits, advanced features, and a higher level of protection than ever before. First introducing many of the changes in the beta versions released for trial in late 2012, the 2013 suites are now in full effect and available for purchase and download directly from the Norton website.


Improvements have been made to existing protection features, while a social media and anti-scam protection has been added to what Symantec is now labeling the “five layers of patented protection” that Norton 360 embraces. In addition to the Antivirus and Internet protection software, a new Scam Insight tool, called “Norton Safe Web for Facebook,” will provide regular scans of Facebook timelines to ensure that you are not one of the 10 who fall victim to fake links and scams. Meanwhile, IP tracking has been enabled in Insight, allowing for Norton to do a more efficient job finding out where threats are originating. Other updates have also been made to the Insight and Browser Protection tools.

The release of this updated version of Norton 360 was made to coincide with the release of Windows 8. Norton products are now fully functional on Windows 8, with additional benefits to boot. The user interface of Norton 360 has been adjusted to be more user friendly and compatible with the Windows 8 operating system, and integration with the Window’s new Anti-Malware (ELAM) technology allows for faster speeds and swifter action by the security software. You can purchase the newest edition of Norton 360 (or download a free 30-day trial) directly from Norton’s website or from