Charice’s Glee Songs Now in iTunes

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The young singing sensation Charice finally appeared in the much awaited American TV show Glee Season 2 premiere episode. It was entitled “Audition” as the Glee club is looking for new members. Charice played the role of Sunshine Corazon who just become Rachel Berry’s greatest threat. Their first encounter was during their battle duet of Beyonce and Gaga’s “Telephone”. The powerful voice of Charice amazed millions of Glee avid viewers on that song alone. After finding out that Sunshine is not just for backup hummer, Rachel then decided to get rid of her by giving her wrong directions for the audition.

Fotunately, fellow Asians Tina and Mike Chang helped Sunshine to make it to the real audition. Sunshine then left everyone in awe as she renders Dreamgirls’ “Listen”. Could somebody just shout out a big YEAH! for that? Both songs, Telephone and Listen featuring Charice is now officially downloadable in iTunes and would surely be hitting high sales.

The young Filipina sensation has appeared several times in Oprah and first guested in The Ellen DeGeneres show. As early as that time, the world witnessed how powerful her voice is that could easily sing high pitched songs of Celine Dion and Shania Twain.