Casey Labow: Ryan Gosling’s New Girlfriend

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A lot of Ryan Gosling fans broke their heart seeing their handsome idol with his new girlfriend. A lot has been asking who’s this lucky lady could be. There has been an email buzzing around saying “He had his arm around her throughout their dinner and even fed her pasta at one point. It was really cute. They seemed really comfortable with each other. It’s like they’ve been dating for quite a while.”

Ryan Gosling played the adult age of Noah in the famous movie The Notebook. To some he is Hercules. He also starred in Lars and The Real Girl wherein he was nominated for Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role.

Casey Labow or Samantha Casey Labow appeared in three episodes in CSI: NY 2008-2009. She also appeared in the movie Skateland and would be part of the 2011 movie A Year in Mooring.