Butler University Wins Over Murray State in Latest 2010 NCAA Bracket Update

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Thrill and excitement fills the basketball court in the latest 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament game match. The basketball match between Butler University and Murray State concluded a very close match with Butler University winning against Murray State in a final score of 54-52.

During the last remaining minutes of the basketball game match, Matt Howard from the Butler University basketball team missed to shoot the ball in two late basketball free throws that could have increased their score by four points. Meanwhile for team Murray State, a rebound by Danero Thomas from basketball team Murray State on the missed free throw of Butler University gave them one last chance to tie or win the game.  Unfortunately for team Murray State, a crucial turnover by players Isaiah Canaan and Gordon Hayward steal gave the victory to Butler University.

Congratulations Butler University for winning another basketball game watch as you move forward to the last rounds of the 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament starting off with the Sweet 16 round.

Let’s see if Butler University can still defend its winning in their battle against the winning basketball match between Syracuse and Gonzaga scheduled on March 21 at 12:10 PM Eastern Time.