Business Process Outsourcing in Indian Jail

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Andhra Pardesh will become the first state in India to set up BPO inside the jail. The Jail authorities have taken steps up first outsourcing unit.

The unit will have 200 convicts who have passed class X and graduated from colleges. They will be working in data operation and transmit information.

This has been done for the future of jail inmates, the project will begin at Charlapally Central Jail, near the state capital Hyderabad, in the next four months. The proposed project is a public-private partnership between the department of jails and an information technology (IT) company, Radiant Info Systems.

“The idea is to ensure a good future for the educated convicts after they come out of jail,” CN Gopinath Reddy, director general of prisons in Andhra Pradesh.

More than 200 jail inmates will be recruited and trained for the position and they will not posted in any voice support service. More than 2100 prisoners are currently serving terms in the Charlapally Central Jail.

Currently, the remuneration of prisoners is just Rs 15 a day, but in this job they will be getting around Rs 100 to Rs 150 per day, it is learnt.

India is known as the hub of outsourcing globally.