Britney Spears’ New “Radiance” Perfume

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Singer Britney Spears has re-emerged looking stunning in the ad material for her new perfume Radiance. The singer leaked the would-be advertising material through her own twitter account.

The Britney we see here is the glamorous music icon we know her to be, a far cry from the disheveled — this is the kindest word we can use to describe the picture we had of her the last time with most of her extensions having fallen off and she looked like she had not bathed in a week– toxic-looking mess she was the last time she was headlined here at World Correspondents.

Maybe, she truly is so very excited about the release of her new scent, Radiance, which is actually her ninth perfume.  Set to be launched next month, she decided to give her Twitter followers a sneak peek of new advertising campaign for it.

She tweeted: “Just got the imaging for my new fragrance Radiance and thought I’d share it with all my tweethearts (sic).”

The ‘Toxic’ singer’s Radiance perfume comes in a faux rhinestone-encrusted blue and pink bottle and is said to be created from tuberose, jasmine, orange lower, wild berries and iris.

Britney’s other scents, Fantasy and Curious, among others, have all been successful.  She is hoping the same for Radiance, too.

If it will keep her looking like the glamorous Hollywood star that she is, then I am hoping for the same as well.