British Royal Family Launched First Official Flickr Account

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The British Royal Family has finally launched their first ever Flickr account. Flickr is a popular online photo-sharing site. In this account, the British Royalty will be showing off their recent photos of their day to events. Their account has been filled with more than 600 photos and each member of the Royal Family has their own section of shots, which will accompany various other sections for behind-the-scenes imagery, royal visits, and other pertinent topics.

It would be made available for Filckr users and they would be able to share and embed the photographs at will, a head-nod to the monarchy’s efforts to keep up with the latest social media circles on the Web as what Associated Press posted. It also added that commenting will be disabled for all of the account’s pictures.

The Flickr account contains photos of the Royal family’s childhood days including of the Queen. There is also a family portrait which shows the three-year-old Princess Elizabeth enjoying tea with her parents, the future George VI and Queen Elizabeth. The section for Prince Charles contains his childhood moments, wedding picture with the Duchess of Cornwall from 2005, as well as two photographs of the late Princess Diana and their children, William and Harry.

This is not the first time that the Royal Family has joined the internet community. They also have an official Twitter account which was launched a year ago as well as a Youtube account named as “The Royal Channel” which was in 2007. Although they don’t update these accounts themselves, they were able to gain 1.8 million followers in Twitter and 30 million video views and 100,000 subscribers in their Youtube account.

Having accounts like those mentioned allows the Royal family to reach out to a vast number of people especially that nowadays majority are updating themselves in the internet and social networking has been the means of communication.