Britain’s Ministry of Defense Unveiled £14 Million Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle

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Britain’s Ministry of Defense Unveiled £ 14 Million Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle-UK Ministry of Defense unleashed Taranis its first ever high-tech unmanned combat air system vehicle, which will be flown in 2011. This represents the first funded UCAV program of UK Ministry of Defense.

The project is intended to prove UK’s ability to produce a stealthy UCAS while maintaining independent capability over its technologies and equipment.

This fully developed combat air vehicle will be capable of delivering weapons to a battlefield in another continent with a high level of autonomy. This will also carry out intelligence, surveillance and explore on enemy territory using onboard sensor.

Taranis will be stealthy, fast, able to carry out test deployment at long range of weaponries including bombs and missiles over a number of targets, and able to defend itself against manned and other unmanned enemy aircraft.

The Ministry of Defense stressed that the weaponries used in UAV were under human control.

This unmanned combat air vehicle is approximately, 4m in height and 11.35m x 9.94m in width. It is about the same size as a Hawk jet.
Taranis will be one of the largest unmanned air vehicles in the world. Taranis is named after the Celtic god of thunder.