Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings Avoid 0-3 Start With 24-10 Win vs Detroit Lions

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Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings have been struggling early in the season. Much has been said about Favre missing training camp and that he age has finally caught up with him. With the Vikings going 0-2, they could not afford another loss.

Favre still struggled against the Detroit Lions on Sunday but Adrian Peterson stepped up by rushing for 160 yards and two touchdowns for the Vikings’ first win of the season, 24-10. The Vikings were expected to win this game just to regain their confidence. Their bye next week should allow Favre and the team to regroup.

The Minnesota Vikings are still far off their Super Bowl aspirations but they have at least notched their first win and avoided a disastrous 0-3 start. Peterson felt a sense of urgency that on one play he scored on an 80-yard touchdown in the third quarter, ripping through a phalanx of Detroit tacklers. Peterson’s spectacular touchdown set the final score.

Favre completed 23 of 34 passes for 201 yards with one touchdown but had two interceptions and still appeared shaky in his third game of the season.