Breaking News: Tornado Hits Florida

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At about 8:00-9:30am ET, a tornado hit Florida and stayed there until 11:00am. There has been evidences of debris but no reports of injuries has been out yet. This news came from the National Weather Service (NWS). It has ripped Oakland Park and has caused panic to the people. They has been trees uprooted which can be seen in the pictures below courtesy of

A resident named Ronnie Brown who was able to witness the so called storm, which was confirmed by the NWS later in the morning after it struck, to be a tornado, said, “It was just all metal noise, I heard clanging, banging. My front door blew into a customer’s truck.”

There has been a difficult morning drive in the place as the strong thunderstorm has produced heavy downpours and gusty winds. In the city of Oakland Park, the Public Works Department is investigating and repairing structural damage near the 4000 block of NE 5th Ter. where strong storms, possibly a tornado, ripped the roof and door off of a business and overturned vehicles including work trailers.

A Tornado Damage Assessment Report will be conducted in the place later on.