Ben Stiller Pictures Went Up the Oscars as Na’vi Avatar

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Earlier, we did a live blog of the Oscars and we listed down the results as we speak.  It is a nice reward for us to know that some people could still get updated on the Oscars even if they don’t have TV or if they have no access to any online streaming.

Not only did we blog about the latest winners being awarded, we also wrote about the highlights of the Oscars program as it happens.  We noted down the appearance of Ben Stillers in the Academy Awards stage to present the “Best Makeup” award.  He dressed up as a Na’vi from the movie “Avatar.”  Although, it was quite ironic because he wore that costume when Avatar was not even a nominee for the category ‘Best Makeup.’

We promised to post pictures of Ben Stiller as Na’vi Avatar for the Oscars when we did the live blog so here it goes.  Click on the pictures to enlarge.