Austin Celebrates Eeyore’s Birthday

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Today marks the birthday of the droopy, lovable, homeless gray donkey from the Winnie the Pooh series. His name is a representation of the onomatopoeic phrase “hee-haw,” which refers to the braying sound made by a normal donkey. He has a long tail with a pink bow on the end, of which he is very fond, but that he is also prone to losing.

Not known to many, Eeyore’s birthday is celebrated with a party at Pease Park in Austin, Texas. Eeyore’s birthday celebration has been going on since the year 1963 to residents of Austin as a way to celebrate spring. This all started when college students threw a party dedicated to the Winne the Pooh character. Nowadays, live music, a kids zone, food and a costume contest are included in the celebration in order to raise funds for non-profit organizations within the city. What a nice way to celebrate Eeyore’s birthday.