Armed group of Christian Conservatives to protect church during burning of Quran

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This Press Release entitled “Armed Christian Conservative group to protect church during burning of Quran” was shared to us by Prince Shannon Carson of Right Wing Extreme.

The Christian conservative organization Right Wing Extreme has offered its support and protection for the International Burn a Quran day.

Right Wing Extreme was founded in April of 2009 after the Department of Homeland Security’s report titled Right Wing Extremism.

The report labeled those who are against Illegal Immigration, abortion, higher taxation, returning military veterans, big government, and Christian groups as Right Wing Extremist and put them on a watch list.

The report was sent out to all law enforcement agencies in April 2009 and the group has been recruiting members ever since.

“We fully support Dove World Outreach Center and its efforts to put an end to the notion that Islam is a peaceful religion. Islam is a violent cult with the goal of world domination.” Says Right Wing Extreme founder Shannon Carson.

Right Wing Extreme has repeatedly said that Obama is a Muslim who is intentionally destroying America’s economy, constitution, and has a socialist agenda aimed at bringing about a New World Order.

The group’s website has a “Defcon” meter that is currently at defcon 3 which says Defcon 3 constitutes a moderate state of alert. Disruptions to peace and prosperity are evident.

Clear and present threats are apparent and public. Moral and ethical code are under moderate attack.

In a state of Defcon 3, the United States Constitution is partially intact and is under moderate forms of public attack from special interest groups, global powers or influences, or other threats.