April Fools Pranks for School and April Fools Jokes For Kids

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Today is April 1, 2010 and it’s April Fools Day! A lot of people are fooling around this April Fools Day 2010 so don’t immediately believe in what they say especially if it’s unbelievable because this is just probably a joke. LOL.

Various schools have April Fools pranks this day. In work, officemates are also fooling around each other this April Fools Day. An example of April Fools at work is the push and pull sign posted at the doors: You can interchange the two signs and put push/pull signs on the doors so that people are pushing when they should be pulling or vice versa.

Another April Fools Day pranks at work is to attach a mouse in your officemate’s keyboard. Control his or her mouse using the mouse that you attached and you will be suprised in his reactions! It will look like a ghost is controlling his mouse. LOL.

For kids, you can use this April Fools prank: Apply a clear cellophane in the toilet bowl. Make sure it is very transparent to avoid being seen. Imagine the results if someone doesn’t look on the toilet before using. LOL.

As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Prank your kids and officemates at work this April Fools Day 2010. Laugh Out Loud.

In celebration of April Fools Day 2010, I would like to share with you a Japanese video prank on their MRI system. This was one of the best prank and joke video I’ve ever seen. I really kept on laughing out loud the moment I saw this prank video the first time.

YouTube Preview Image