April Fools Jokes for Boyfriend Using These April Fools Pranks Online

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Today is the day of laughter and being funny in celebration of April Fools Day. A lot of people are looking for jokes and pranks on how to fool their friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Ladies are looking for April pranks online to joke their boyfriends and laugh out loud.

To help you in that search for April Fools jokes for boyfriends, I would suggest to consider some of my ideas for April Fools Pranks online below:

– For ladies, you can fool your boyfriend using an April Fool Prank video. There are a lot of “actually scary” prank videos in youtube that camouflaged as a peaceful and simple video. If you’re boyfriend is not used in searching online, then you might want to choose this method of joking your boyfriend. An example of an April Fool Prank video is provided below. Just make sure that your boyfriend does not have any heart ailments.

YouTube Preview Image

– Another April Fool Prank online is to request to have your boyfriend visit a website that is “somewhat interesting”. If he is into circus and amazing acrobatics, tell him that you saw an amazing video and lead him to a website such as this. He will surely be surprised as he will be rick rolled. LOL

So far, this is just two of my ideas on how to joke your boyfriends online this April Fools Day. If you have any other April Fools prank online, please share them in the comment below.