Apple Peel 520; The iPod Touch That Calls

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If your ever wished that your iPod Touch could make a call, then it quite possible now. A 22 year old Chinese developer from the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen was able to invent such device. It is called Apple Peel 520. It is comprised of a case that fits around the outside of Apple’s iPod Touch. It contains a battery, dock connector and SIM card that allows voice calls. Isn’t it cool?

Furthermore, the user could install a special software to enable a text messaging function, and to allow the device to properly work with the iPod Touch. Once everything has been installed, the device could stand five hours of talk time and 120 hours on standby.

CNN was able to interview the maker, who has been hiding in the nickname “Maxpy”. They asked why did he invent such device answered: “Because I love the iPhone, but it’s too expensive in China.”

According to Maxpy, he revealed the device last month online through the company Yosion Technology. The price of the Apple Peel 520 is only $57 which is far cheaper compared to an iPod Touch which is around $235 and the iPhone at around $588 – $740.

The Apple Peel illustrates the evolution of China’s massive “shanzhai,” or black market, phone industry. Shenzhen has been known for being a place for production of copycat mobile phones and other devices, which are sold at lower prices and often with more localized functionality than global brands.

It is not impossible that someday or sooner, people around the world would utilize not only China-made products but also China-owned. Chinese are learning fast and has been acquiring talents.