Apple iPhone 4 Antennagate Issue

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Apple iPhone 4 Antennagate Issue – Apple’s latest release of iPhone 4 has been plagued with complaints from various users.

In particular, iPhone 4 received a lot of  criticisms which includes signal attenuation issues that result in dropped calls especially in urban locations such as San Francisco and New York City. This occurs when the phone was held in a manner that covered the lower left hand corner of exterior edge resulting in a signal strength deterioration.

In the latest Apple Press Conference last week, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs unveiled a free bumper case available for everyone as a solution to this antennagate issue. The case helps users from placing their hand on the spot which causes the dropping of reception.

For those who have purchases their Apple iPhone 4 and not satisfied with it, Steve Jobs said that they can return the unit with a full refund within 30 days.