Apple Executive For iPhone 4 Resigned

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It’s a shocking news for all of Apple’s avid followers. Mark Papermaster, Apple’s Senior Vice President for Mobile Devices left the company Saturday and the reason for his exit is still vague. He joined the company 15 months ago during the time that Mr. Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO was still recovring from his liver translant.

Mr.Papermaster was apparently not involved in any promotional material for the iPhone 4 nor part of the press conference held by Chief Executive Steve Jobs to address the antenna issues of the iPhone 4 right now. His exit was truly unclear. There has been speculations that his tandem his Jobs din’t worked out well and Jobs has already lost his confidence to the executive some time ago.

When the compnay was being asked about the reason for his departure, they declined to give any statement about it. They just stated the name of the person who replace the work of Papermaster. He is Bob Mansfield, the company’s senior vice president of computer engineering.He was among the executives who were part of the iPhone 4 promotional video released in early June. He is already in charge of parts of Apple’s mobile-device technologies, including the “Retina” display and A4 processing chip.

Whatever the reasons behind Papermaster’s resignation, we’ll just hope it’s not a serious matter that would eventually affect the company at this moment. They can’t afford to have another one.