Anssi Vanjoki Resigns: ‘I didn’t become the CEO. It is as simple as that’

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This is somewhat another loss from the cellphone maker Nokia. After the the former CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo has been given his exit orders last September 10, recently appointed Mobile Solutions leader Anssi Vanjoki announced his departure 3 days after. Along with his 6 months notice, he enclosed the following statement:

“I felt the time has come to seek new opportunities in my life. At the same time, I am one hundred per cent committed to doing my best for Nokia until my very last working day. I am also really looking forward to this year’s Nokia World and sharing news about exciting new devices and solutions.”

A lot has been wondering why such a sudden exit has been made wherein fact, last July he said that he’s “committed, perhaps even obsessed” on bringing up Nokia back into the limelight. For all the speculations, the answer is simple, “I didn’t become the CEO,” Vanjoki said in a post in He also added, “You know who the guy is it’s not you… so what do you do, you stay or you leave. I decided to leave.”

Well, he’s got a point on that. Whoever is in his position would also call it quits most especially that someone outside has been picked up to replace the position that someone like Vanjoki’s next step. The good old OPK has been replaced by the Canadian Stephen Elop.