American Idol Season 9: Idol Gives Back Episode

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Despite the fact that this episode in American would once again send one contestant home, who is actually Tim Urban, the whole show lavished a very inspirational theme and has become very charitable. The episode was entitled ‘Idol Gives Back’. A lot of famous guests was involved in the entire show.

President Obama and wife Michelle appeared in a VTR in the opening part and he said these words “Ya’ll are all my dawgs”, quoting it to Randy Jackson. The First Lady, Michelle Obama thank everyone in advance for giving generously to the cause and she told Simon to be nice.

Judges were all dressed up for the show and the contestants are all in white and there has been a reunion of eliminated singers in one song production.

Victorica Beckham reads her entire speech from a teleprompter thus giving much importance in knowing how to read. Seated with her in the studio were two children who have overcome reading difficulties through Save the Children programs.

Former Idol champions also showed up representing their own charity. Carrie Underwood willl be giving 36 cents from every ticket sold on the fall leg of her tour to charity. David Cook being a United Nations Foundation ambassador to Ethiopia visited a school that takes care of girls who would otherwise be swept up by the country’s sex trade.

Annie Lennox shares the night’s most moving story, as she introduces a 7-year-old girl who was born HIV positive and developed AIDS. She shared a song way back in London because the ash chaos prevented her to fly back to US. Another famous singer advocate against AIDS is Elton John singing “Your Song”. He plugged his AIDS foundation and promoted the use of condoms and regular HIV testing.

There were still other guests in the show and all of them are aiming charity in different ways.