Amazing View of the Earth from the International Space Station

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Tracy Caldwell may have ended her tour of duty at the International Space Station on September 2010 but she had left amazing shots of the Earth at night. The shots shows the beauty of the night lights as an astronaut sees it from way up there. Caldwell sees the view right through the window of the Cupola window bay aboard International Space Station.

Caldwell began his duty at the Intenational Space Station April 4, 2010 and ended September 25, 2010. During her tenure she has completed three spacewalks for almost three hours of EVA to replace a malfunctioning coolant pump.

One of the amazing Eath photos which Tracy Caldwell has shares is an image which shows the lights of Italy and the island of Sicily. The photo was taken from the window of the Cupola window bay aboard the International Space Station.

Before her International Space Station duty she was also aboard STS-118, Space Shuttle Endeavor. After that she was assigned to the ISS for a total of 176 days duty as part of the Expedition 24 crew. She returned to Earth with the Soyuz TMA-18 landing unit, and together with commander Aleksandr Skvortsov and flight engineer Mikhail Korniyenko, Dyson landed in Kazakhstan on September 25, 2010.

Thanks to people like them who shares us astonishing photos of our planet, Earth. For more photos you can CLICK HERE.