Air Conditioners Keep Heat Wave At Bay

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Power systems in the US East Coast are put to the test as temperatures rise above 100 degrees. Air conditioners are on full throttle to combat the heat wave in this area. The average temperature is not expected to drop until Wednesday and there is some concern about the ability of the power grid lines to handle the electrical load.

There have been reports on minor power outages but the air conditioners continue to operate in most areas without power interruption.

Further north, there were reported outages in Canada as Toronto locals experienced power outages for hours.

At this point, US residents can only rely on air conditioners to beat the heat while the power supply can take on the electrical load. Reducing power demand through other means such as shutting down other electrical appliances other than air conditioners can help reduce stress on the power supply.

By Thursday, temperatures are expected to drop. This should lessen the power demand and somehow ease our worries about our electrical bills.