Adam Carolla Racism Allegations Regarding Filipino Manny Pacquiao

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Adam Corolla is deeply criticized recently on his podcast episode answering a caller’s question about the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.  Some Filipino based websites are all against the so-called ‘racism’ remarks that Adam Corolla said on this specific episode on his podcast.

Seems like more Filipinos are offended that it’s trending right now.  Some gave different opinions though, saying that it’s not too bad and some of Adam’s remarks are a bit true.  Click here to view an interesting blog post about it.

Again, a lot of Filipinos are just offended as they think Adam is making a remark and labeling the Philippines as all “Swinger Sex Stores” and that people in the Philippines have no other life other than following Pacquiao.  Many oppose to that statement since they all know there are a lot more other things that the Philippines are concerned for other than Pacquiao.  True, they support Pacquaio in his fights, but that’s just for a day.  These people got livelihood as well.

Anyway, here’s the podcast and you may listen to what Adam Corolla actually said.  What do you think?

YouTube Preview Image