A Whole New Groove 1.4 for iOS4 Excites Music Lovers

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Have been carrying your iPod and iPhone together all the time simply because the two have their different functions? iPod for your music and iPhone for your data services. Worry no more because Zikera is finally releasing Groove 1.4. It serves as an iPod app replacement, organizing your library and creating a variety of mixes from your music library depending on your listening habits. Groove 1.4 version allows the user to their music and mixes on Twitter and Facebook, as well as adds support for iOS4, including fast app switching and higher resolution graphics.

It is truly the best ipod replacement app so far as it also allows the music lover to have the “surprise me” mode which is equivalent to the “shuffle” mode. “Three of a Kind” option that play sets of three songs by artist allows the user to choose their favorite artists. The app is also driver friendly wherein easy gestures has been installed to control the player and volume while driving.

Listed below is the summary of the features that makes this app a must-have one:

* Make a mix of songs that go well together in a single tap
* Listen to sets of three songs by artist with the “Three of a Kind” option
* Use the “Surprise Me” option or shake device to get a mix based on your listening habits
* Listen to featured duos of artists who are meant to be heard together
* Get an instant mix of your favorite songs
* Use the swipe gestures to control the player and the volume while in the car
* Display a large scrolling song title so that you can keep your eyes on the road
* Tell your friends what you’re listening to directly from Groove by sharing your music and mixes on Twitter and Facebook.
* Organize your music library by top albums/artists for quick selection
* Automatically download artist images and missing album artworks
* Continue listening to Groove mixes while using other apps

The above mentioned features is free of charge however Zikera developers have included paid enhancement package which would be bringing the Groove 1.4 to a whole new level. This would add up three great features. It includes automatic organization of your music library by tags and create mixes based on tags; the user can listen to groovy mixes based on the currently playing song and they can save any mix created by Groove for later play.

To get all those mentioned features, the user should at least meet the following: their device should be iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad wherein iPhone OS is 3.0 or later (iOS 4.0 Tested) and a 4.1 MB free space.