A Smart Vending Machine that Can Read Mind

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A Smart Vending Machine that Can Read Mind- A new vending machine was installed in Shinagawa station in Tokyo. It offers drinking option by gauging your gender and age; and most of the time, the machine gets it right.

The vending machines have built-in cameras that can focus on customers standing in front of them and distinguish the person’s gender and age. After acquiring this information, the machine then offers beverage ideas, as many as three or four different choices to the customer. The machines are not designed to recognize race.

The machine can identify people according to decade categories, up to age 90, with 75 percent accuracy. The company developed this technology for five years and it costs five times of the normal vending machine.

The East Japan Railway has installed two smart vending machines in Shinagawa station in Tokyo Japan. The machines can offer suggestions of beverages personalized to each customer. The smart vending machine is also known as the “hey baby, wanna buy a drink from me?” machine.

JR is planning to install 500 of these “smart” vending machines throughout the Kanto region. The group in charge of JR’s vending machines is the East Japan Railway Water Company. According to its spokesman, Mitsuharu Ookubo “In the past, vending machines were only refrigerators that sold drinks but we thought it would be great if they could do more than that, and they could be more enjoyable for the consumers.”