420 Meaning: April 20 (420 or 4/20) is National Weed Day

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Today is April 20, 2010. A lot of people are puzzled as to what does this day mean. They are asking what does the meaning of “4/20” or simply “420”.

Research reveals that today, April 20th is the appreciation day for Marijuana. It is known to be Marijuana Appreciation Day or National Weed Day.

So what is the origin of such celebration? Accordingly, students dating back in 1970s of San Rafael High School in Northern California used to meet at a particular location to smoke pot. Their call time back then was 4:20pm. Thus the term 420 or 4/20 was coined.

Since then, the term 420 or 4/20 was used to refer to Marijuana. During our modern times, a lot of countries ban the use of Marijuana. Thus the term 4/20 or 420 has been used as a pseudonym to refer to that weed in their communications.

According to Wikipedia, Marijuana refers to “any number of preparations of the Cannabis plant intended for use as a psychoactive drug”. Although there maybe some beneficial effects in using Marijuana, the said weed causes more harmful effects in human body especially if it’s smoked in the long-term. Medical studies reveal long-term Marijuana users experience hallucinogen or psychedelic properties.

Now you know what do we celebrate this April 20. The next time someone asks you what does 420 or 4/20 mean, you know the answer it’s National Weed Day or more commonly known as Marijuana Appreciation Day.