2010 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament Printable Bracket Released

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Who says that basketball is a sport exclusive for men? After releasing the 2010 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Bracket which turned out to be on high demand, NCAA followed with its release of NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament Bracket.

In seed number 1, teams Connecticut, Stanford, Tennessee, and Nebraska will compete during the first round which will be held on March 20 and 21. A total of 64 basketball teams will compete for the Championship round on April 6 which will be held at San Antonio, Texas.

All basketball games are available on ESPN 360. If the team of Duke or Kansas is the choice of some people to emerge as the National Championship winner for the Mens Division, what are your predictions for the Women’s Division?

To find out which teams competes with whom together with the schedule of matches, you can find the official 2010 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament Bracket here.

Alternatively, you can also download a printable version of the 2010 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament here.